12 Leather Love Impression Paddle
The Leather Love Impression Paddle is made of high quality leather. The length of the paddle is 12 inch with a wrist loop for added stability. The paddle has the word LOVE cut out and with each stiff slap, you will leave those words of endearment on your lover`s skin. Make your mark!Its bark is worse then its bite! The Leather Paddle is made of high quality leather. The paddle has two separate leather pieces that create a loud slap without the hard swing. Great for partners who enjoy the experience of bondage but not the sting of leather. With a wrist loop for added stability, you can keep control of this hot item.
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Manufacturer: Sportsheets International,inc.
SKU: ESS904-01
UPC: 646709904012
Weight: 0.2000 ounces
Height: 0.5 inches
Width: 2.5 inches
Length: 12.75 inches
List price: $34.95
Our price: $23.99

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